KAMFES Annual Education Conference 2015


Dear KAMFES members,

As Vice-President of KAMFES, it is my responsibility to find nominees for our annual awards program. We are looking for some exceptional individuals to be nominated for the following KAMFES awards:  1. Outstanding Sanitarian, 2. Dairy Industry, 3. Steve G. Sandlin, Jr. Achievement, and 4. Service Award.  

I have included a description of each award below. Additional details can be found here.

We all know individuals in our field that perform outstanding work each day and should be recognized for their efforts and achievements.  Now is your chance to recognize those individual(s) by sending 3 letters of endorsement and supporting documentation to the following address, or e-mail to erica.brakefield@ky.gov

Erica Brakefield
Kentucky Department for Public Health
Environmental Management Branch
275 East Main Street HS1C-D
Frankfort, KY 40621

Please don’t let this opportunity pass someone by. Thank you in advance for your submittals.  These must be received by December 31st.

Erica Brakefield

1. Outstanding Sanitarian:  A)  Any person who at the time of nomination is a member of the association and employed in Kentucky, as a dairy, food, or environmental sanitarian or who is employed as a sanitarian by local, state, or federal agencies is eligible for the award.  B)  A candidate shall have made a meritorious contribution in the field of milk, food, or environmental health to the public health and welfare within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  C)  Co-workers are eligible for nomination if both have contributed equally to the work upon which the nomination is based.

KAMFES Board 2015

Dear KAMFES Members:

Please see below the 2015 vacancies on the KAMFES Board.  If you would like to run, or would like to nominate a person to run for an office, please let me know by close of business November 17th, 2014 (click here to see a map of KAMFES regions). 

Executive Board:
- Vice President –  1 Vacancy

Regional Directors:
- Region 1 –  1 Vacancy
- Region 2 –  1 Vacancy
- Region 3 –  1 Vacancy
- Region 5 –  2 Vacancies
- Region 6 –  1 Vacancy


- Service Industry – 1 Vacancy
- Food Industry – 1 Vacancy
- Farm Methods –  1 Vacancy

Please e-mail all nominations to me at erica.brakefield@ky.gov by close of business on November 17, 2014.

Erica Brakefield
Vice President, KAMFES

KAMFES 2014 Photo Gallery

Check out the KAMFES 2014 Photo Gallery now live...

A note from President Stacy Roof...

Welcome to KAMFES, the Kentucky Association for Milk, Food & Environmental Sanitarians. 
We are a diverse group who bring together ideas to benefit the public health of Kentucky from industry leaders,  health professionals and academia perspectives.
We had a terrific 2013 KAMFES Conference in February!  So many members, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors contributed to a great few days.  With budgets being closely monitored, it is no small feat to keep continuing education a priority.  As KAMFES President, I recently traveled to the NEHA conference in Washington D.C. and was really impressed by the level of education and presentations.  We’ll bring some of those to you here in Kentucky next February … so …
Please mark your calendar – or in some cases, your calendarS – with the 2014 KAMFES dates, February 18-20 at the Marriott Griffin Gate Resort.  Natasha Collins has already secured a cool field trip and programming is well underway.  Exhibitors are being contacted, presenters are confirming, silent auction items are being pledged and our iPad raffle is selling tickets!
Thank you for supporting such a great organization.  We strive to represent our members and hope you’ll be involved in that process.

A message from KAMFES President Kenny W. Cole

What a great 2012 KAMFES Conference we had. Thank you, Jeff and thanks to all of the members, sponsors, and exhibitors for making our conference a success.  Without you and your support the conference would be non-existent.  Even with all of the economic hardships, the conference was well attended.  It really exceeded my expectations.  I’ve learned to never underestimate the loyalty of this membership and the great environmental health professionals we have in our state.  You are truly a dedicated group.       
Our economy is at an all time low.  Services in some of our programs are down, especially onsite, and some programs have been cut all together.  To be quite honest, I don’t know if things will ever be like it was some years back.  Everyone is doing more with less, not only public health but other agencies as well.  We are all wearing many hats.  Every agency is trying to get a piece of the dollar so they can survive.  While we are worrying if our agencies are even going to stay open, life goes on.  People continue to eat out, buy groceries, kids attend school, trailer parks exist, kids go off to camp, dogs bite people, people swim and go to the spa, sewage runs into ditch lines and creeks, people throw trash over hillsides, and on and on and on.  Who provides oversight for all these daily living activities that we take for granted?   Who do people call to complain if there is a problem?  They call you, the public health environmentalist; because it’s your job to make sure we have a safe environment and a safe food supply.  Who will they call when there is no environmentalist? Who will be over the hillside in a dump tearing open bags of trash trying to find the name of an illegal dumper?


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